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Celebrating the birthday of a little mermaid live-action style!

Each week we have the opportunity to create true magic and have had the honor to do so for over 34 years! None of this comes without hours of preparation and super hard work, talent and attention to detail. I thought it would be fun to give a back stage glimpse into the creation and preparation of one of our events to give our clients, guests, and friends a glimpse into the crazy process of our world.

Let’s start with our first live-action swimming mermaid party! One day a few weeks ago we got a call from a lovely grandma that wanted us to recreate the live-action mermaid but as a swimming mermaid. We knew that creating this theme was just around the corner, but starting with the swimming version of the character was a newer challenge.

Our Costume Director Miss Melanie went to work creating a lovely swimming mermaid version of the costume. Not only that, she had to create a wig that was waterproof and stable for a mermaid to swim in. Our casting team became very excited knowing that one of our young actresses Olivia, looks very much like the actress and our handsome prince, Zach was also uncannily a perfect match for the character. Our training director and queen of our princesses Miss Mallory Kerwin trained Miss Olivia in the art of swimming mermaid techniques and after a few practices she was ready to take on the challenge!

Our new live-action Mermaid & Prince were a huge success. They sang, swam, and played fun under the sea pool games and the Prince (who also serves to help transport her and make sure that everyone is safe) played along making this party a swimming sensation!

We wanted to thank our clients who have given us the opportunities to create such magical experiences.

Lisa Karen Cohen, Director

Creative Arts & Parties for Kids

Play & Parties

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