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Mermaid Princess

Your Party package will include

Musical Interactive Storytime-

The Mermaid Princess will tell her story while playing games, singing songs, and involving the children to engage them in the activities. All games will be themed. You can also specify what songs you would like The Mermaid Princess to sing for your party.

Birthday Card Art Project-

The Mermaid Princess will bring a special decorated birthday card that the children will be able to decorate for the birthday child as a special memory of their special day. 

Cake Presentation-

The Mermaid Princess  will be available to help present the cake for the guests and lead the party in singing happy birthday

Lots and Lots of Photos-

Every moment during your party is a perfect moment for a picture, but The Mermaid Princess will also leave plenty of time towards the end of the party just for posed pictures.

*Activities performed will be based on length of party and activities requested*

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